Welcome to Denny Driver Studio

Here you will find orginal artwork along with fine art prints and postcards of select works.

Fine Art Prints

These stunning prints are reproductions of select works by Denny Driver. They are printed on archival paper with a matte finish. Each print is UNFRAMED and comes with its own art statement, detailing the thought process, inspiration, and details of the original painting. New selections are being added periodically. So, check back often.

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These fun little postcards are reproductions of select works by Denny Driver. They are printed on deluxe paper with a gloss finish and measure 5.5 x 4.3 inches. Each postcard boasts a fine, reproduced image of the original artwork on one side, and a standard postcard address/addressee layout on the reverse side. New postcards are always being added, so check back often.

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Original Artwork

From the studio, Denny creates paintings in acrylics on stretched, gallery wrap canvas. Applying paint with brush, he renders large and basic shapes. With acrylic paint pens of various hues and tip sizes, straight edges (T-Squares, Triangles, and Rulers), shape templates of circles, triangles, and ellipses (often using plates and bowls, etc. for larger shapes) he implements fine detail lines. Denny often uses upholstery tacks (he calls rivets) on the canvas edges for an industrial look. Each piece is wired on the back, labeled, and ready to hang.

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