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20" x 20" x 1.5"

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20” X 20” X 1.5”

Acrylic on Canvas

This Monochromatic artwork of Asymmetrical Symmetry was created with a palette of Orange + Black and White, with spot colors of Cerulean and Ocean Blue. The biggest challenge with this painting was the diagonal line work. I usually use a T-Square and the line patterns are either vertical or horizontal. To create the diagonal line pattern, I taped a 24” straight edge directly to the canvas at the proper angle and used a designer’s triangle as a guide to keep the lines straight and even. I came up with a great title for this piece while working on the intricate linework. I was going to write the title down, but the intense linework (done with acrylic paint pens, templates, and straight edges) was going so well that I didn’t want to stop. By the time I got to a stopping point (several hours later) I couldn’t remember the one-word title. After giving up on my memory, I decided to search for an alternative title. While listening to Steely Dan’s “Deacon Blues,” I heard the line, “This is the day of the expanding man,” and thought, “Now there’s a great title!”

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