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Gypsy and the Crystal Ball

Gypsy and the Crystal Ball

10" x 10" x 1.5"

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10” X 10” X 1.5”

Acrylic on Canvas


I had a drawing of a cat looking up I had done a while back. I liked the way it looked (its simplicity and sleek lines) and wanted to use it in a geometric piece. After sketching in the cat onto the canvas and mapping out the background, it seemed that the feline needed a focal point (something to be looking at). I thought of many things, such as a spider hanging down from one strand of silky webbing but determined it to be too small to work at this size. All other ideas seemed futile, until I thought of inserting a ball, which kind to be determined. One of the biggest challenges was coming up with a suitable title. Choosing between two variations of one title was the tricky part. So, I asked my wife for her opinion. Although she liked “Gypsy and the Circus Tent,” she said the focal point was the crystal ball.

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