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In Search of Tomorrow

In Search of Tomorrow

20" x 20" x 2.25"

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20” X 20” X 2.25”

Acrylic on Canvas

 In this monochromatic work of Yellow + Black & White, I took a photograph of a young boy riding on his father’s shoulders, created a City Park scene around them, and visually fashioned a story of exploration. -- After titling this piece, I did a little research on the phrase. Not to be confused with the 1951-1986 soap opera, “Search for Tomorrow,” the title of this work shares its name (unintentionally) with the 2022 documentary chronicling sci-fi movies of the 1980s. -- The third streetlamp was a pivotal part of the layout of this painting. Before placing the crow on the adult searcher’s hand, the smaller lamp occupied that space. Once I decided to strategically perch the crow on the outreaching hand (making the crow the lead explorer) the streetlamp became obstructed and appeared awkward in the layout. By moving it in between the two existing lamps, the placement gave the composition of the painting depth and balance.

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