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20" x 20" x 2.25"

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20” X 20” X 2.25”

Acrylic on Canvas

In this scene, it’s early morning at the Pussycat Parlor – I created this Orange + Black & White monochromatic painting after looking at a black and white line drawing. The sketch was for another piece that featured this very same bartender. The pitcher, to be filled with stout orange beer, was white in the preliminary drawing and looked more like a pitcher of milk to me. So, I came up with the idea of pussycats eying the bartender’s libation, while Kernel the crow cawed his disapproval. I later added the line patterning inside and outside the building to mix and match with my geometric abstracts of similar color palettes. And black rivets (upholstery tacks) were added on the edge of the painted canvas for an urban look.

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