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8" x 8" x 1.5"

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6” X 6” X 1.5”

Acrylic on Canvas

I had created a small painting of a man playing a guitar and wrote this art statement for it. Nearing completion of the mini work, necessary details became awkward and cumbersome. I ended up painting the image out and created an all-geometric piece in its place. Since I had already written an art statement (which I liked), I decided to create a new painting to fit the preexisting description. I used a monochromatic palette of Yellow + Black and White, with spot colors of Red, Wasabi Green, and Dark and Light Teal to render the musical imagery. Contrasting the organically, had drawn, and hand painted figure (sunflower and crow), I created a geometric backdrop of Asymmetrical Symmetry with acrylic paint pens, straight edges, and circle templates. With the strumming figure overlapping the background and onto the border, I contrasted the ragged edges with a crip, black and white border, extending onto the bottom of the gallery wrapped canvas. Creating a painting to fit an already written art statement (a first for me), was a “Cart before the Horse” idea that strummed like a song.

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