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The Red Tide Kisses the Shore

The Red Tide Kisses the Shore

16" x 16" x 2.25"

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16” X 16” X 2.25”

Acrylic on Canvas 

I came across a picture of a striking, realistic painting of a jug of Tide detergent sitting on a sandy beach with the restless sea and blue sky behind it. It made me reminisce about a song called Red Tide. The line from the song, “And the Red Tide Kisses the Shore” kept going through my head. The combination of that painting and the song inspired me to create my own “Tide” artwork. With red tide as a theme, I used different red items as refuse strewn about the sandy shore. I added the plastic flatware and cigarettes for contrast, as well as the fact that cigarette butts are the most prevalent pollutant in the oceans. The crow with his cigarette in “hand,” was added to symbolize the death of society and sea.

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