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The Rise and Fall of Time

The Rise and Fall of Time

30" x 40" x 2.5"

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30” X 40” X 2.25”

Acrylic on Canvas

This was a challenging piece to create. The struggle came in the painting stage when I realized the composition was lacking a strong focal point. The pyramid-like shape, array of circles, curves, and lines were not solid, central elements. I quickly added a large circle-like badge above the white triangle in the center of the composition to assume that focal role the painting was lacking. Although satisfied with this solution, I struggled to get the right look for the piece… FOUR times to be exact! First, I created a black and white design within the circular badge to echo the same dynamic look of the inner border. But the stark positive/negative design seemed awkward and out of place. Next, I filled the large circle with a brushed mix of orange and brown (like the two sections of the arc on the upper right) with some intersecting, pink line work, only to determine it to be too dark and not dominate. Lightening up the color mix with brushed yellow and orange did little to bring attention to the so-called focal point. Finally, inspired by the smaller, stronger, circle to its left, I created a bold, multi-colored bullseye to represent the face of a clock. The arrow-like elements shooting out from the large, concentric badge (added during the brown and orange stage) took on the role of hands and springs being flung from an exploding clock! The addition of these simplistic, clock-like elements led me away from the aquatic, then sun themed titles to one that evokes my sentiments and the painting’s new face.


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