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24" x 18" x 1.5"

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24” X 18” X 1.5”

Acrylic on Canvas

I had the title for this monochromatic, Yellow + Black and White piece before starting the project and created a layout and storyline around this concept. I started with an entire Zebra at first (I liked the black and white contrast), then opted to focus on just the back end so I could feature a child on top. After finding a photograph of a boy in just the right pose, I placed him on top of the Zebra’s rump, and painted him in a similar manner to echo the black and white stripes. To suggest a zoo-like setting, I created a brick wall and placed silhouetted Baobab trees in the distance as an audience for the Zookeeper and his sidekick to dance for on their brick and striped stage.

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