Collection: Geo-Rock!

Denny came across the work of artist Stephen Hansen and was inspired. Hansen does replicas of great works in art history (with a twist). He creates a 3D character out of paper-mâché, dressed in a traditional painter’s outfit. He places him (the painter) on a Suspended Scaffold as if the character is the one creating the masterpiece. Denny loved Hansen's whimsical work and this clever concept so much that he started recreating works of art from history in his own geometric style. While working on some of these, listening to records, and looking at their album covers, Denny got another idea and one thing led to another. Geo-Rock! is a pun, a play on words. Geo is a prefix, meaning Earth. Earth is a Rock. The album covers being reimagined are primarily of the Rock-N-Roll genre. The simplification of basic shapes is the key to reimagining an organic work into geometry. Denny blends his love for art and music, showing that they can be reimagined in unexpected and impactful ways. His bold and striking interpretations tell stories of their own, leaving a powerful message with the audience. Denny's "Geo-Rock!" series is a testament to the power of creativity and passion, showcasing his unique talent and imagination.